What I Believe In

Bismillah ArRahman Ar-Raheem (In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful )

I’m not even sure whether I should do this. But I’m sick. Sick of being labelled; Sick of having debates with people who only see hate; Sick of reading about the same negative things over and over again; Sick of people who base allegations against my religion without even understanding it.

If you are ‘anti-Islam’ and going to stick to it irrespective of what I have to say, I suggest you stop now. If you are not, I ask you to open your mind before continuing to read this. I’m not trying to change you or get you to embrace Islam. All I’m doing here is showing you the other side – the side very rarely the mainstream media would portray.

First, let me tell you something about me : I’m currently a few months short of the age of 16. I live in the UAE. I’m ethnically from a town in India. I’ve grown up being taught that we are given certain rights by constitutions all over the world – one of which happens to be the Right to Speech. And, now, I’m finally practicing it like I’ve always wanted to.
One more fact about me : I’ve studied the religion of Islam ever since I was a child and have studied it in a particular extent of detail.

Let’s start with the basics. As a Muslim, I have 5 basic principles that must be adhered to in order to stay in the fold of Islam :

1. Shahadah – The Testimony
2. Salah – The five daily prayers
3. Zakat – The compulsory charity
4. Sawm – Fasting during the month of Ramadan
5. Hajj – Pilgrimage, at least once in a lifetime

Out of these, Shahadah is the most important. It isn’t just a verbal acceptance of Islam, but more deeply spiritual. Because why follow a religion if you don’t believe in it? This Shahadah is also the reason why Muslims find it in themselves to accept the teachings of Islam without question. To me, the Shahadah also feels like unwavering trust.

But, for someone who isn’t a Muslim, Islam would be difficult to comprehend at first glance. And that’s okay. Because Islam does allow discussion. If you have a question, ask someone knowledgeable about it.

The following is part of a post by a well-known Muslim speaker :

” ‘Religious people are closed-minded, religious people are fanatical, they are intolerant, religious people can’t take criticism, and they’re not open to conversation. So if we get rid of religion, then we will have an open-minded society where people can think for themselves.’

This accusation holds true for many religions that made their way throughout Europe. But the Islam that Allah gave His Messenger (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) is the exact opposite of that. It’s a religion that challenges and invites dialogue. “Bring forth your proof if you are truthful.” [Surah al-Baqarah: 111]”

But that has never seriously bothered me. Throughout my virtual life, I have rarely replied to any offensive comments about Islam – mainly which I see on YouTube. But then again, on YouTube, videos rarely ever survive without negative comments, irrespective of the topic.

Anyway, I was more involved with these YouTube debates, starting just a little more than a month ago. And then things went crazy.

Heard of the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Well, those happened and everyone everywhere had something to say about Islam while the average Muslim like me got stuck in between like the stuffing in a sandwich.

Basically, these two people decided that they were going to ‘avenge’ the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) by doing what the man they were ‘avenging’ strongly forbade and, thus, causing worldwide criticism (to put it kindly) of this man. It really does make me wonder what their goals originally were.

People label Islam as a religion of violence? You’re talking about the religion in which people greet each other with “As-salamu’alaykum”, meaning “Peace be upon you”.
The Prophet Muhammad was the man who said : “The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger.”

If you conduct a Google search on the fact that fighting is only allowed in Islam in self-defense, the first results will be anti-Islam sites that say that this is not true. Lucky for me, such sites are blocked in this country. But the vast majority of the world may not be so privileged. So, even if someone wants to research this topic, the first thing they would read would be those long articles which, in a gist, say Islam is a violent religion.
On one side, I even find it funny when some people claim that all Muslims go around killing others or whatever. Because I can’t even hold a knife properly.

If I tell you that Islam is not violent and it does not promote violence, you probably won’t be convinced. However, I have a solution for you. Visit this site : http://quran.com/ And read this book and come to your own conclusion that is not influenced by anyone from either side. If you have to judge this book, judge it by reading it.
Not by the actions of some people who claim to be Muslim, give themselves an Islam title and then kill Lord-knows-how-many-people in the name of God. All I share with these people is, perhaps, the Shahadah and this identity of being a ‘Muslim’. I wonder whether these people even pray or fast or give charity. Following the model set by the Prophet Muhammad is far off.

Coming to this topic of fighting in Islam . . . They often used the term ‘Jihad’. Jihad literally means struggle.

In detail : http://www.islamawareness.net/Jihad/types_jihad.html

So, basically, when I leave my house covering my hair and body (The Physical Hijab) even though I may be worried about how I may be seen as people . . That’s my Jihad. That is my struggle.

Speaking about the Hijab . . I speak for myself and Muslim women like me who know and understand why the Hijab is worn. We do not see it as a burden. I repeat, we do not see it as a burden. Spiritually speaking, it is an obligation upon us. It gives us an Islamic identity. I don’t think I can verbally explain how much a part of me the Hijab is, but please, if you are under the belief that this Hijab takes away our rights . . Well, I have to say that the moment you force it away from me, that is when you’re actually taking away my right.
Besides, I’ve found it much of a relief to not worry about how ridiculous my hair looks when I’m going out.
Also, if you’re a female and are willing to . . February 1st is celebrated as World Hijab Day. You could spend a day out in a Hijab and see how it feels for yourself.

And, thus, to conclude. . I only hope I make at least a small difference in somebody’s perspective of Islam.
Most importantly, though, Islam isn’t just a set of beliefs and practices. It is a way of life.
And by this, I mean that, while the rest of the world is constantly arguing against the Islamic law and against the Hijab (that people practice of their free will anyway) and everything else some people like to pick and pluck and portray to the world as part of “reasons why Islam is bad” . . . My daily life as a Muslim consists of none of these things.

(To put it simply, my main concern currently is school.)
In a religious context, my main concern would be perfecting my Salah.
As a Muslim, I’m not worried about the 50 million reasons (I’m exaggerating, of course) give about why I should not practice the Hijab. But, dude, are you serious? I’m happy wearing it. I’m not worried about how my ‘rights are taken away’ by wearing it or whatever they claim.
When I live life as a Muslim . . In the morning, when I wake up, I need to remember to say the supplication for waking up. And when I go to sleep, I turn to my right side, say the supplication and sleep, because it was a practice of the Prophet.
When I live life as a Muslim, I smile often because it was a practice of the Prophet.
When I live life as a Muslim, I treat my parents with love and respect because this is what the Prophet taught me.
When I live life as a Muslim, I try to forgive those who hurt me because this is what my Prophet taught me.
When I live life as a Muslim and I see those who insult my Prophet, I still deal with them with respect and do not insult them back because that is what my Prophet taught me.

And, yet, people insist on insulting this man – Mohammed – who never insulted anybody himself, even if they treated him miserably.

This one story (among so many others) is all I ask you to listen to : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re0Y_uyStb0



Just Dropping In

I just finished reading someone’s blog updates and suddenly, had this urge to write. So here I am.

I honestly, don’t have anything to actually talk about ’cause life is going at a really slow pace right now. And I have nothing to look forward to. Which sucks. 

Anyhow. There’s fifteen minutes left for the announcement of the winning city for Expo 2020 (assuming my knowledge is correct and it’s going to be announced at 1750 hours).

This Expo 2020 thing is huge. There are banners everywhere. And by ‘everywhere’, I mean it literally. Which is actually really awesome. 

According to this report I read yesterday, one of the other participating city didn’t have half as much support for the bid as Dubai does. Basically, the public isn’t as supportive and enthusiastic about it as the people here are. 

That’s all I have to say.

I’m also on a Harry Potter spree. Which is one of the best things you could do to spend your time. Even though I should be studying. But I’m taking a break for now.

I also read a book on Wattpad by Jake Vander Ark. He’s got a few books giving writing tips which are Fabulous. So, if you’re interested in writing, you should totally check that out.

There’s 10 minutes left for the results. And if Dubai wins, we’ll be having a holiday tomorrow. Which is really nice of the government.

Until Next Time.

Memory Lane – Truth or Dare

My brother was born when I was six years and six months old. My grand mom couldn’t come from India which is why we were staying at my mum’s aunt’s house. On the second day of Eid – while we were still staying there – my aunt’s family were to go to a farm house in Lahbab. Lahbab is one of the small village kinda places in UAE. I think you can call it an oasis? But you could consider it a village for convenience.
So I went with them cause I was so enthusiastic about going to this new place. And while I don’t remember much that happened, there is one incident that has stuck to me through the years.
In the afternoon, after we had finished eating lunch, the whole bunch of us kids went seprately to some room and started to play truth or dare. My mum’s cousin was one of them being a little less than four years older than me. Lets just call him ‘M’.
When he bottle stopped at me, I choose truth.
I’ve always preferred truth. I hate dares. They can be very mean.
My second cousin – lets call him “A” – was the one to ask me the question. And to my utter shock, the question he asked me was this : Who is your boyfriend?
And I just absolutely had to give him a name. “I don’t have a boyfriend” wasn’t going to be accepted.
He was obviously expecting someone we knew. And instead of giving him the answer he wanted, I told him the name of one of my former classmates. I still feel proud of myself for giving at particular answer. Especially since “A” looked at “M” in confusion (cause “M” knew me better than “A”) and”M” just shrugged.
Looking back, I think it was hilarious.
Now I know it isn’t a great big achievement. Or a big deal of a life event. But since no one has ever asked me that particular question again, it kinda stuck to me.
Ah, the good old days.

Until next time.

Fiqh of Typing

Fiqh literally means understanding, comprehension, knowledge and jurisprudence. But that doesn’t matter.
The main problem in concern is the lack of grammar on the internet. And everywhere else.
The people who actually care to correct others are called “Grammar Nazis”. Seriously.
And it’s okay for everyone else to write broken up pieces of what is left of the English language?

Anyway. The video above is basically the only one I’ve seen addressing people who’ve ruined English grammar.
Check it out. It’s hilarious in addition to actually informative and meaningful.

Until next time.

I Have Absolutely Nothing To Say

Trust me, when I said my life was boring, I wasn’t kidding.

I understand that when you have to blog, there has to be somethingnot blog about. I come up empty. Still, I’ll give this a shot. Because I think you’re allowed to rant on your blogs?

Basically, my vacations aren’t exactly amazing this year. My great grand mom isn’t well. And so everyone is dull. And so many people are going to India, so were not going to visit anyone either.

This just gave me an idea. My family tree is so confusing. It’s taken me years to understand how I’m related to practically everyone I’ve met – people from the place I’m from, I mean. It’ll probably make an interesting post.

Also, I’ve been “Tagged”. Except, so far, I have no one to tag back. Once I find people to tag back, I’ll post that.

Anyone who has seen me anywhere apart from school is sure to know how much I don’t talk. I used to be a complete and utter chatterbox when I was a kid. So when suddenly I stopped talking, I lost a lot of my friends at home. By ‘friends at home’ I mean friends I made because they were close or distant relatives. Believe it or not, the first thing on my bucket list is to make up with one of my former closest friends.

I’ve decided I will dedicate a blog to the above topic.

Moving on. Another reason my vacations suck is because I have to study. Now, I know I haven’t done much of it. But I am proud of myself for revising an entire Chemistry chapter yesterday. I’ll probably do Social Science today.

As if studying wasn’t enough, the school has loaded us with assignments. The only one that sounded interesting to me was the English assignment where we had to write an essay of 500 words on a given topic. That was until I found out what the topic was.

“Do you think the Information Age means that we’re losing important historical information?”
As one of my friends said, what is the relation between Information Age and Historical Information? It makes no sense to me.

[ I mentally sang that in the tune of “Little Things”. ]

So life is a bit slow at the moment. And like always, I’m waiting for something that will never happen.

And maybe something will happen, but I don’t know.

Until next time.